Join us for an online event!

Dark Market Intelligence Webinar

4th of August
from 9:00 – 10:00 AM (AEST)


What will you learn?

Hear how you can use critical risk and cybercrime intelligence to:

  • Build your Risk Assurance Strategy
  • Provide assurance around your critical 3rd party providers
  • Mitigate harm
  • Help you migrate from reactive to proactive
  • Enhance your incident response
  • Support your regulatory and compliance frameworks

Using dark market cybercrime intelligence to inform your risk position and improve and support your cyber security posture. 


Organisations are struggling under the burden of increasing legislative compliance and an ever-burgeoning threat landscape from a myriad of threat actors that share a multitude of motivations but with a common intent to cause harm.  Hear how “Intelligence” is the critical factor that moves “judgement” towards an “evidence based decision” and can move the needle from reactive to proactive.   
Knowing what your enemy is doing can inform your decisions today but more importantly, tomorrow.  Hear from 4 unique and compelling speakers that explore the world of intelligence from a military, legal, law enforcement, and industry perspective and how those perspectives can influence or improve your current position.


Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about how they’ve created winning strategies at their companies.

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Prof Jonathan Rusch

US Dept of Justice Ret.

Principal, DTG Risk & Compliance, Washington, D.C. providing expert advice and guidance related to corporate risk, ethics, and compliance.  Former Deputy Chief for Strategy and Policy, and Special Counsel for Fraud Prevention.  Counsel, President’s Commission on Organized Crime, Washington, D.C.

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Lt Col Bill Hagestad II Ret.

International Cyber Warefare Officer & Independant Security Researcher

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Retired) Bill Hagestad a field experienced international cyber warfare officer. Specializing in both defensive & offensive cyber operations.  He is an internationally registered white hat hacker as well as an internationally recognized & respected authority on the People’s Republic of China’s use of computer and information network systems as a weapon. He speaks internationally on the subject of China’s hegemony in the information age. Bill is also the author of “21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare”, ISBN 978-1849283342 published in 2012, and 2013: “Operation Middle Kingdom: China's Use of Computers & Networks as a Weapon System ISBN: 978-1482577105 and Chinese Cyber Crime 2016, 2nd edition ISBN: 978-1523816552

Paul headshot

Paul Farley

Director Asia Pacific and Japan


Paul Farley has worked extensively across risk, resilience and security since 2008. Roles include critical infrastructure protection, emergency management and physical security in the transport sector - driving risk mitigation programs in both private and government sectors.

Pauls current role is focussed on supporting domestic and international clients with counter terrorism, insider threat, cyber crime and fraud intelligence.

Brian headshot

Brian Hay

Cyber Security Leader

Brian Hay APM has a rare blend of cyber security skills and business attributes. Long considered a Thought Leader in the world of Cyber Security he learned his craft not from the technical demands of the industry but rather by focusing on the activities of organised crime and cyber criminals.